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Get into hot water with me! (at the Poly Pool Party 6/15/13)

Hi all you poly, open, and non-monogamous folks!

The Poly Pool Party is Next Saturday, June 15th, in the East Bay!

Get more details by signing on to our Google Group : http://groups.google.com/group/weirdness-events/subscribe
Or send me an e-mail, and I'll send the full invite. New folks welcome; space is limited!

Direx & RSVP instructions in FAQ:

We can use more help with setup, with a few tasks around the yard, and with door duty. Contact me if you want to help out!  It's a great way to meet new people, get a discount on the donation if you need that, and we'll be extremely grateful! Early setup starting 2pm (for yard work etc); regular setup starting at 4pm. Or let me know when you can help! We'll work something out. :)

MASSAGES! Yes, Peter Kirby will be here, giving free massages from 10:30 to midnight! And it looks like there will be at least one other person giving massages from 8 to 10:30. Show up early for best sign up spots!

EXTENDED FAMILY-FRIENDLY AND CLOTHES-ON HOURS! Are you more comfortable in a clothes-on environment? Since it's close to the Solstice, clothing optional won't begin till about 9pm -- that's two whole hours of socializing and suits-on swimming for both kids and adults! Sweet!

Lots more info below...

Hope to see YOU here next weekend!


Please read the FAQ!

DATE: PPP Sat June 15th!

Setup starts at 4pm
Regular Party begins at 7pm
Family-friendly during setup AND till 8:45pm!
Clothing optional starts at about 9pm
Ends @ 12 midnight

LOCATION:  Linked to from the FAQ! http://bit.ly/oVjQra

HOSTS: Your hosts this time are Akien, Dawn, M-J B, Jay G, Jenna S, Deb B, plus furry friends Sushi and Kimba!

The PPP is for people who are polyamorous, open, ethically non-monogamous, poly-friendly and/or interested in any of these. It’s a potluck, with a cash donation requested for pool heating: http://bit.ly/kjbznI .

WELCOMING OF ALL: Please note that our parties are welcoming to people of all sizes, genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, backgrounds, spiritual beliefs, political thoughts, etc. Guests are expected to behave in a manner that is courteous, respectful, and accepting of this diversity. (It's perfectly ok to have personal preferences, of course, as long as those preferences don't interfere with your ability to behave courteously towards others at the party.) If you have any questions about this policy, or about any other issues pertaining to our party, please feel free to contact us privately. (PS: We welcome folks of any physical ability, but our space isn't great for people on wheels, unfortunately. Please contact dawnd first (address in FAQ) so we can best accommodate you.)


* PLEASE read the FAQ, esp. if you're new: http://bit.ly/oVjQra
* Address is in the FAQ!!

* This is a SOCIAL event, not a playparty or pickup joint. Only YES means yes! http://www.yesmeansyes.com/consent-0
* We love advance donations, if you can do that: http://bit.ly/kjbznI
Donations — sliding scale, $30 - $15, with $25/person requested (No one turned away for lack of funds)* ...and/or, can you volunteer to help with setup or door duty? Any time after 4pm would be awesome!
* Also, please bring a potluck donation!
* ... and your towel.  And remember to take YOUR towel back home!
* Yes, late arrivals are OK!
* Location: Private home in SF East Bay. Link to directions is in FAQ: http://bit.ly/oVjQra.
* Yes, you may attend as a single (we don't gender balance)
* Suits are required before dark...
* RSVP to Akien, who keeps the tally: akienm@gmail.com
* Send QUESTIONS to Dawn! dawndsquirrel@gmail.com


Dawn Davidson, Love Outside The Box Coaching:


Because Love is ALWAYS OK!

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