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Swim & Fright Night @ EBPP/DG 10/30 - Oakland

Hi poly, open, and poly-friendly folks!

The next East Bay Poly Potluck and Discussion Group will happen THIS Wednesday October 30th, at Ann G's in Oakland!
GET DIRECTIONS & RSVP on the Google Spreadsheet:

!!! Weather permitting, Ann's POOL WILL BE OPEN! (please bring your own towel and a $5-10 donation if you intend to swim.) !!!

(You don't have to live in the East Bay to attend. The East Bay is where we HOLD this event!)

Doors open: 5:00 for potluck and SWIMMING!
Short discussion at 7:30pm
Clean up begins: 9:30pm
Doors close: 10pm

Come join us for casual conversation, a delicious potluck dinner (ovo-lacto-pescatarian!--NO MEAT or CHICKEN!), and a pleasant evening with like-minded people. Polyamorous, poly-curious, and poly-friendly folks of all persuasions are welcome. (Kids are welcome, with adult supervision.)

Discussion topic:
Boo!  What's SCARY in your poly/open relationships?  How do you deal with these feelings? Related topic: What MASKS do you wear, and how do they protect you, help you, or hinder you?  In former times in Ireland and Britain, the custom of placing candles in carved turnips (later, pumpkins) got started as part of the rituals to try to scare away ghosts and evil spirits at this time, the thinning of the veils between the worlds. Through our gathering and our sharing of wisdom, let's light some metaphorical candles against the dark side of multiple relationships! (Real carved pumpkins and candles ok with permission from our gracious hostess, Ann :)  Bonus points for "polyamorous pumpkins"!)

[NOTE:  One thing many people find scary in poly/open relationships is JEALOUSY.  If that's a feeling that turns you a ghoulish green, you might want to sign up to get the recording of Dawn Davidson and Kathy Labriola's 3rd and final FREE teleseminar on Jealousy! https://di986.infusionsoft.com/app/form/jfa3-options-call-signup]

THERE WILL BE SWIMMING!  Ann has generously offered to open her pool from 5:00pm to 7:30pm. If you intend to swim, please bring your own towel, and if you can, a donation of $5-10 to offset pool heating costs (which are greater at this late time of the year -- please help to support our hostess being able to offer this again!). Pool is "clothing optional".  Kids MAY be present (check with hostess first about bringing kids).

CAN YOU HELP with setup or cleanup?  Please write to AnnG if you can help out with setup (4:30 or 5pm) or cleanup (from 9:30 to 10pm): Ann Glucroft <annglucroft@gmail.com>

The tradition of this potluck/discussion is to RSVP, including the names of all guests. Directions are LINKED TO FROM the RSVP page. It's held in a private home, and that way we know who's coming; it's a safety and no-surprises thing. RSVP on the Google Doc: http://bit.ly/1fn6MsM. If you have difficulty updating the spreadsheet (Internet Explorer may fail), send an email to: eastbaypolydiscussion (at) gmail (dot) com, and we'll add your name to the list.

East Bay Poly Potluck also has a Yahoo group for discussion and announcements of interest to the East Bay poly community. If you're interested in joining, the web address is:


Looking forward to seeing folks again soon!

Dawn (Facilitator) & Ann (hostess)


*This location is NOT close to BART. Nearest station is Rockridge or Ashby. We
prefer that you try to carpool. Please indicate on the spreadsheet if
you need a ride or can offer a ride. We may be able to arrange a BART
pickup if necessary.

*There is street parking but Hiller Dr. is a very steep street. There
is also space for 2 cars in the driveway.

*This is a lacto-ovo pescatarian household; Fish, seafood, eggs and dairy are OK; poultry, pork and other red meat are not. Also, no Bell Peppers please, as our hostess is allergic. Please plan your potluck contributions accordingly!

*Start time is relaxed, but please try to arrive in time to be settled
in time for the discussion, if possible. We will try to start the discussion at 7:30pm.

[For swimming: Bring your own towel if you wish to swim!  (And take it home with you. ;) $5-10 donation for pool heating is appreciated.]

*KIDS: Are allowed, with parental/guardian supervision. Please check with the hostess before bringing any kids: Ann Glucroft <annglucroft@gmail.com>

*Multiple cats are in residence!

*Scent free please!

*Please do not attend if you have a cold or anything contagious, thanks!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Dawn Davidson

3rd FREE Jealousy Teleseminar! Get the recording! http://bit.ly/1bschBN
Get my KISSable Agreements Workbook (beta edition) for only $10!

I affirm that all is proceeding as it should, unfolding right now in the perfect way. I send my love and gratitude out into the world, and I affirm that all is well, and will be well, where Love prevails. So mote it be.
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